Franchise opportunities
Want to run your own gymnastics club?

Imagine owning a business, which services the local community with the greatest gymnastics classes and parties for all occasions, with every day spent sharing in the excitement of a new celebration. That is a PLATINUM GYMNASTICS FRANCHISE!

When you join the Platinum Gymnastics franchise program, you will receive a turnkey business solution, with full support to ensure your club operates successfully in your area.

To put it simply, we are offering you the opportunity to have an exciting career that you will love in the gymnastics world, where you will be your own business owner and have the full support needed to make your Platinum franchise a success!

Service Features:
  • Franchise License.
  • Protected Geographical territory.
  • Assistance in facility find and design.
  • 5 year term.
  • Business Manuals.
  • Initial Training and Support.
  • IT Solutions including Bespoke state-of-the-art database.
  • Hands-on launch assistance.
  • Bespoke and established ongoing lesson plans.
  • Ongoing access to training and support.
  • Annual conventions.
  • Launch bag of tricks.
  • Resources Portal.
  • Personal advisor